Finding Golf Accessories Cheaper

Golf is one of the most expensive and luxurious games for those especially in the higher rungs of the socio-economic ladder. However, you can make club&ballit considerably less expensive for you, if you only try hard. A golf course membership is in itself a prestige symbol that you acquire at a considerable price. Add the cost of acquiring a set of 14 golf clubs; and you find that you have spent a fortune up to that time before even considering many other accessories to follow. The irony is that many are spending fortunes when you could get all the golf accessories you need at very much down to earth prices from elsewhere other than the prestigious golf stores you are most likely to look for them.


Try auctions; and preferably the estate auctions where prospective golfers outbid each other and still get away with unimaginable bargains. You can get full details, inspect, feel and even try out the items subject to certain limitations prior to bidding commences. The bidding war could be a awesome if any item is particularly desirable for another or many other bidders just as much for you. Don’t let yourself be emotionally swayed to win the war somehow. Go only as far as any accessory is really worth and then firmly put a full stop. Don’t forget that these are not brand new, but used items.


In real time auctions the choice is generally limited.  Visit eBay, the most renowned internet auction website where you get a very wide choice of golfmany types of goods marked at very low base prices. A distinct disadvantage is that apart from the description and the images (if any) given online, you cannot physically inspect the items. For those who are new to eBay auctions, the procedure is simple. You can view any bids already made for a particular accessory and punch in your own. There is a bidding start and end time given for each item and if you are interested in grabbing a particular golf accessory somehow, you should stay hooked to the site until the end, or follow up at short intervals as others could be overbidding you depending on the extent of competition and interest generated.

You too can overbid others again and again keeping in mind that the bid you enter is not its final price. When shipping and other charges are added up, it may sometimes cost you more than the price of a new item that could be physically seen and tested too prior to buying. You should acquaint yourself of what shipping and other charges would come to at least roughly before entering the fray.


Yard Sales is another place to get used (and sometimes discarded) items where with some luck you could obtain some accessories in very good condition at dirt-cheap prices. It is a bit of hard work though, where you should be constantly on the alert scanning newspaper and online ads for any yard sales happening around your locality with only a bare description of the items offered for sale to be guided by. If you are intent on grabbing a bargain, you should try to be the first to arrive on the scene of the sale. 


golfcourse3Although golf accessories exactly matching your preferences are a little difficult to find from the above outlets, it is a matter of determination and perseverance before you finally walk away with the prize fruits of your labor. Alternatively, you may try some other golfers you meet on the course who may be willing to part with their very carefully used golf clubs (prior to graduating to the present set in keeping with their improved scales of playing). If somebody has taken a special liking for you, you may be even lucky enough to get some accessories absolutely free of charge.



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